Zain Internet Packages Postpaid – Fiber – Prepaid

The Zain Group in Kuwait provides a affordable Zain Internet Packages of the highest quality. Zain is a telecom company that providing a number of internet packages.

Zain Internet Packages

Companies of cellular mobiles have again increased the rates of internet packages. Kuwait Telecom Mobile Limited have increased rates of different offers and Internet Packages.

Zain Group has also increased the rates of data package while citing the rise in inflation as the major reason.

Zain Internet Packages

Check out the  Zain Internet Packages. The internet plans include Postpaid, Prepaid, and Fiber internet.

Postpaid Internet Offer

50 GBFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 99

100 GBFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 160
UnlimitedFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 325
Unlimited 5G5G Support + Free 12 Months OSN STREAMING
SAR  349+
50 SAR(Setup Fees)

Prepaid Internet Plans

10GB3 MonthsSAR 165
20GB1 monthSAR 113.85
5GB Unlimited1 Month401.35 SAR 
100 GB1 Month184 SAR

Fiber Internet Bundles

8080 Mbps
20 Mbps
SAR 287/Month
100100 Mbps
25 Mbps
SAR 320.85/Month
200200 Mbps
50 Mbps
+Free 12 Months OSN Streaming
SAR 401.35/Month
500500 Mbps
125 Mbps
+Free 12 Months OSN Streaming
SAR 918.85/Month

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