Xiaomi’s $8 Wireless Doorbell Works Without Batteries

Unique and innovative products are nothing new on Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding platform. Adding to the list is Xiaomi’s Opple Self Powered Wireless Doorbell that can work without any wiring or batteries.

As the name suggests, this doorbell is entirely wireless with a range of up to 80 meters. Similar to conventional doorbells, there is an outdoor unit (doorbell) and an indoor unit (receiver). Once someone rings the bell outside, it generates power and transmits the signal wirelessly up to 80 meters away.

This was made possible by a built-in power generation module that can convert kinetic energy into electric energy once the doorbell is pressed on the outdoor unit. The power generation and wireless transmission are done instantly.

The doorbell button on the outdoor unit is durable and has been tested to last over 100,000 button presses. It can easily work with a light touch, meaning that it can be used seamlessly by children or the elderly.

Its floating antenna design prevents loss of signal strength and has a maximum range of 80 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors. There are five different levels of doorbell loudness and 36 different ringtones which can be switched anytime. There is a silent mode as well that only uses light flashes to notify you when the doorbell is pressed.

The Opple wireless doorbell can also be used as a pager for children, elderly people, or pregnant women in case they need attention. This is because the doorbell can be altered to several different settings to suit your needs.

The doorbell costs only $8 and is available for sale in China.

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