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World Health Day 7 April 2021

World Health Day 7 April 2021

April 7 of every year the celebration of World Health Day. From its inception at the primary Health Assembly in 1948 and since taking effect in 1950, the celebration has aimed to make awareness of a selected health theme to spotlight a priority area of concern for the planet Health Organization.

Over the past 50 years this has delivered to light important health issues like psychological state , maternal and child care, and global climate change . The celebration is marked by activities which extend beyond the day itself and is a chance to focus worldwide attention on these important aspects of worldwide health.

Date: 7 April 2021
Location: worldwide

World Health Day 7 April 2021Organization chooses to highlight a special theme current in the wellness and medical world. 

What is the theme for World Health Day 2021?

The theme “protecting health from climate change” put health at the centre of the global dialogue about climate change.

That’s quite the ideal to push towards, and a day that ought to be celebrated as much as any other on our calendar!

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