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Which Actresses Irritated Hira Mani The Most

Which Actresses Irritated Hira Mani The Most

Hira Mani is one among the foremost famous names of our media industry when it involves our dramas. Hira has been a neighborhood of variety of dramas but the drama that clothed to be a claim to fame for her was Do Bol. another hit dramas of Hira Mani include Kashf, Ghalti, Mohabbatain Chahatain, and a couple of others. Hira Mani during a show revealed the names of actresses that irritate her the foremost .

Hira Mani

When the Aagha Ali asked her that who are those actresses that irritate Hira while being together with her on set as co actors. Hira replied there are two actresses basically who remained irritating for her one is Anoushay Abbasi and therefore the second is Sabeena they provide such good performances that irritate Hira Mani.

sabeena farooq

Let’s have a look at the video:

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