What! Have Alizeh Shah & Noaman Sami Really Broken Up?

Pakistani celebrities Alizeh Shah and Noaman Sami have been the talk of the town for their romance rumors since 2019. However, recently, some rumors circulating on social media claim that the young couple has parted ways. Is it true?

Alizeh is everyone’s crush these days. In the beginning, her cute interactions with Noaman had the fans speculating if the two were a couple. Even before the duo confirmed that they are dating, the chemistry between the two was undeniable. Later, many were heartbroken to find out her relationship status.

Moving on to the rumors, it has been a while since they began circulating social media. Alizeh and Noman’s breakup has become quite a viral sensation lately. People started circulating the news as soon as they became skeptical about the two.

So apparently, the news said that both of them unfollowed each other on Instagram. More so, the rumors also said the couple removed ‘Alino’ and ‘Noamzeh’ from their bios.

The social media is on fire with their undeniable chemistry! Whether they are snapped together at various events, or if they are taking random selfies – it suffices to say that love really is in the air.

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