Umrao Jaan Ada Complete Urdu Novel By Mirza Hadi Ruswa Download Pdf

The book Umrao Jaan Ada Novel Pdf is a novel by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Ruswa. The author of the book was a top novelist in United India. He is famous for his best writing Ummrao Jan Adaa. The book is the first novel in the Urdu language. It described the story of a dancing girl who lived in Lucknow, a famous city in India.

The author told his story that he met to the Umrao Jaan Ada in a function and insisted on knowing about her. The dancing girl told her story of how she came to this profession after kidnapping by a dacoit. The dacoit sold her in the Lucknow dancing girl bazar. On completion of her training and education, she became a dancing girl. Everyone loves her for pleasure and look at her to exploit.

The book Umrao Jaan Ada Novel Pdf has many facts in his plot. There are many historical events in the story. The author unveiled the hypocrite society in the character of a call girl. The girl wanted a noble life, but no one ready to accept her. Everyone wants to enjoy her, try to exploit her, ambitious to take her for one night, but no one willing to gave her life with dignity.

The novel gave us a picture of the Lucknow city in the nineteen century. Meanwhile, the readers know about the ruler, courtesan, characters, places, culture, and festivals at the end of the novel. I hope you will like the book Umrao Jaan Ada Novel Pdf and share it.

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