Twitter is obsessing over Shehzad Roy”s youth again

Everybody has been doing something or the other while in quarantine. The internet has been throwing one challenge at us, after another. Here now is the #meat20 challenge which has promoted the internet to post their pictures from when they were 20 years of age.

While a number of Pakistani celebs have taken part in the challenge, the most exciting has been Shehzad Roy’s picture, which has promoted the internet to once again indulge in a debate where they fight over the fact whether Shehzad Roy is a vampire for real or not. (of course pun intended).

Taking part in the challenge when Shehzad Roy posted his own picture on Twitter, people began questioning whether this picture was taken a while ago or whether the actor hadn’t really aged at all.

People have already lost it over how young he looks before but the sheer audacity of an ageless man like himself participating in a thread like this has brought the trends and memes back on Twitter.

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