Top 10 Business In Pakistan You Can Start In Under 10k

Are you looking for profitable small business ideas in Pakistan with zero and high investment opportunities in 2020 and 2021? Here are the top 10 business ideas that you can start in under 10,000 budget.

Before jumping on this list, please keep in mind that Pakistan’s economy is very unpredictable and could collapse at any time. Therefore, I advise you to do some pre-market research before starting a small business in Pakistan. If you have any relevant experience and passion then this will be a plus point.

Top 10 Business in Pakistan

Starting a new business is always a smart decision. Always remember that success is found only in businesses that are run with love, care and devotion. A business is your mini plant as long as you need to water it until it becomes a tree and a tree. These are the top ten low investment business in Pakistan that you can start with only 10k or less.

Home Tuition/Academy:

If you are educated and especially if you have studied science subjects in matriculation then tuition center is also a great idea to start your home. You can even start with zero investment but still I urge you to spend Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 on your tuition center advertisement.

For this you have to put up a nice banner in front of your residence and also that you can distribute the flyers of a tuition center by contracting with a local news agency. By doing this you will get a lot of students in a month. If you receive Rs.1000 from only one child and you have 30 children, you can earn Rs.30,000 per month by working only 3 to 4 hours in the evening.

Content Writing Services:

There are millions of sites and most of them need fresh content to update their website. If you have a good command in English (as most websites are in English), then start offering your content writing services.

You need to offer your writing services through freelancing sites or alternatively you can contact the website owners directly to suggest / offer your services.

Also, you should have a good portfolio for showcases. You can create your own attractive LinkedIn, and Social profile to attract potential customers.

Graphic designing:

Graphic design is an old but best business in Pakistan. Like web development skills, you need to learn graphic design skills.
After mastering, you can start freelancing or you can go into the field of offset printing. People with these skills can also start a business advertising and branding. A simple rental shop needs more than 10,000 to showcase your designing work and people will start ordering you advertising and printing.

Graphic design involves creating visual products. In graphic designing, here are some more small business ideas in Pakistan that you can start and become a professional. For example

  • Logos
  • Letter heads
  • business cars
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Product packages
  • Customized T-Shirt Designs
  • Presentations
  • Annual Reports
  • Illustrations

Event Planners/Management:

Event management services are considered to be one of the most cost-effective businesses in Pakistan. You know how everything now demands celebration in Pakistan. Don’t start criticizing me for this growing trend but whatever it is as a business mindset you have to take advantage of every opportunity. So, whether it’s a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday, a birthday party, an Eid reunion party, or a celebration like that, you’ll need it from time to time if you want to be an event planner company.

This includes everything from decorations to food and photographers and entertainment equipment and supplies. As you grow this business you will increase your potential profits

Advertising is needed to spread the word. Publish your cards and share with your friends and family. When you advertise your catering services, people will contact you if they think your service is reasonable.

Social Media/Online Marketing:

Social media consultancy is another good and profitable business idea in Pakistan that does not require much investment.
We have maintained online marketing which is really booming. Other than the basic accessories, the second: this type of zero-investment business does not require much expertise in laptops or mobile phones and internet connections.

To start this business, you should be good in

  • Modern Advertising
  • Building relationship
  • Content management
  • Social media strategy
  • Personalized service

Start Your YouTube Channel:

Although It’s not a new business idea, it is still unique, useful and practical.

Nowadays, people use videos for many different purposes, for learning, to increase knowledge, or just for fun. Forbes has revealed that videos will account for 80% of web traffic by 2019, and in 2020 this is likely to increase further.

YouTube has developed into a platform to make money around. All you need is a unique idea or skill to share with the world, proper layout and video creation and editing skills. You may need the right set of teams to develop and earn your tubing in the right business setup.

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Food Stand:

The most popular business in Pakistan is food. You don’t always have to invest heavily to open a food business. I have also seen many food stands that are making more money than the big hi-fi restaurants. You can prepare and make a food stall for only 5 to 15 000 rupees. And after buying raw materials and stall rent daily, you can get a profit of more than Rs. 2000 per day. Food stall rents are always lower than in stores.

You can promote your food stall on social media, for example, you can create a page on Facebook to show your baking skills to other people by showing pictures of your food. So you can enter your phone number or email ID to place an order. You only need to use one courier service to deliver your order.


This is a very popular and easy business. If you are interested in this filed document and if you are fully skilled in sewing then you can definitely do it, although any kind of process can be fine, but more and more women tailors in Pakistan There is a lot of effort and there are always good ones.

Personal Training:

If you are skilled in a job or professional. This cash! Personal gym trainer, dietitian, chef, karate master, anything you consider yourself an expert and can train anyone personally. It is certain that there is no investment business in Pakistan.

Vegetable Shop:

A vegetable store is a business that has to be done in any country and any place. In Pakistan, you can usually find a small shop for 3 to 5 thousand per month rent. Then you need to go to the vegetable and fruit market in your city and buy them in small quantities and sell them during the day or the next day. You can buy vegetables for ten thousand rupees or less and you don’t even have to buy more. Because buying more and more vegetables will be a waste of product in the end.

Note: There is no shame in doing any kind of business. If you are embarrassed or ashamed to do in your area, it will open in another area where you do not live.

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