TikTok will soon let users create three minutes long videos

As per the current TikTok format the users of the application can only upload videos lasting seconds. However, the latest update of the application will allow the users to make three-minutes longer video clips.

Matt Navarra, the social media consultant took to twitter to announce the news and wrote, “TikTok is rolling out the ability to upload longer videos of up to 3 minutes long”. He also notified that users with “early access” will only be able to take advantage from the updated feature.

The precise video platform owned by Byte-dance presently allow the users to create short entertaining video clips within the time period of 60 seconds. However, the users who used to complain regarding the time frame can be at ease now with the fact that TikTok will soon be increasing the time limit up to three-minutes.

Furthermore, it is not possible to state regarding the viewing experience. And it will be as pleasant as it is now. Because not everyone would like to dedicate three minutes on a TikTok video.Also Read18 hours agoMalala Yousafzai joins TikTok to promote her charitable work

Moreover, previously The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked the Chinese-based video-sharing app TikTok after the company failed to comply with the instructions for “development of an effective mechanism for proactive moderation of unlawful online content”.

PTA issued a statement which reads, “Keeping in view the complaints and nature of the content being consistently posted on TikTok, PTA issued a final notice to the application and gave considerable time to respond and comply with the Authority instructions for the development of an effective mechanism for proactive moderation of unlawful online content”.

“The application failed to fully comply with the instructions, therefore, directions were issued for blocking of TikTok application in the country.”

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