The Most Delicious Foods In The World

Food makes the world go round. And as our society grows more and more open and globalized, we can eat food from all around the world without having to actually travel. It’s easy to forget that most of the food we eat on a daily basis doesn’t even grow in the country we live in.

And because we have such easy access to all food, it only makes sense to try and have a look at which foods are actually the best, right?


I mean, bacon is probably the best food in the world, right? Is there any food out there that doesn’t get better if you slap some bacon on it?


You gotta give it to those Italians: they sure know how to make food. I’m not sure anyone actually dislikes eating a good spaghetti every once in a while, and I see no reason to either: it’s cheap and delicious!

Mac & Cheese

The ultimate comfort food. There’s nothing that’ll get you back up on your feet like a good bowl of mac & cheese, steaming hot out of the oven.


Sure, regular hamburgers are delicious, but we all know that a good greasy cheeseburger is where it’s all at. That slice of cheese just adds so much, it’s almost insane to eat a burger without it.

Chicken Nuggets

The best part of the chicken, hands down. And chicken in itself is already wickedly delicious. Nuggets make everyone happy, and you can eat them in loads of dishes so it doesn’t even look like you’re eating comfort food.


Just pick whichever topping you like – pizza is awesome. Doesn’t matter if you want it filled with cheese, meat or veggies: it’s always delicious and it’s pretty much the perfect food for lazy nights when you don’t really want to be cooking anything.

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