The bride wore a dress that surprised everyone on her wedding day

It is the heartfelt desire of every bride to look unique and beautiful on her wedding day. This is the reason why brides are very careful about the wedding pair so that they can find an elegant pair that will make them look like a fairy.

Desiring to look unique, an Indian bride did not wear a sparkle or a garland on her wedding day, but painted a French-style suit and surprised everyone by wearing it.

Miss Sanjha Rishi says: “Brides think a lot about the wedding couple and for the most part, she often wears embroidered dresses and heavy jewelry. Seeing them, it seemed to me that I would make elegant and light unique style for my wedding”.

Two weeks before the wedding I planned to wear suit pants and also saw clothes made by different Badr designers.Then I liked a 1990s French designer pair. I wanted to wear the same clothes and my wish was soon fulfilled. I got the same pair of designs and colors as I ordered.

When Sanjha posted her wedding photos on Instagram, where a large number of people admired her luck, admired the new trend of clothes and saw her wearing the same suit and pants at her wedding, many Indians did. He was also heavily criticized.

Mr. Mahajan, Sanjay’s husband, said on the occasion :”When I saw the bride coming from afar to the wedding venue, I felt Probably understood Has a friend, but when I looked carefully, it was my wife in suit and pants She looked no less than a fairy, I don’t have a problem with her suit paint or any of the clothes she wears”.

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