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Muhammad Ameen Qadri is the author of the book Tareekh e Karbala Urdu Pdf. This book Tareekh e Karbala Urdu Pdf is about the history of Karbala. In the 61st year of the Hijrah, Hazrat Imam Hussain embraced martyrdom in the battle of Karbala, Iraq.

Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S was the son of Hazrat Ali A.S, the fourth Caliph of the Muslims. He was the grandson of the Prophet of Islam. When Yazeed Bin Muaviah became the ruler of the Muslim state, Hazrat Imam Hussain refused to accept his rule. He has serious reservations about the character of Yazeed and his legacy. Hazrat Imam Hussain raised his voice against the sins of Yazeed.

When Hazrat Imam Hussain was going to Kufa, the troops of Yazeed stopped his way. After a short battle, the Yazeed,s army killed Hazrat Imam Hussain along with his family and companions. The women and children were also arrested. It was a sad time for the whole Islamic world. The book contains all details about the Karbala incident.

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