Students making Hilarious Exams Memes After the Announcement to Cancel Board Exam

Due to the Corona Virus, routine life is completely disturbed all over the world. The education sector has been closed and the online education system helps the students to learn the subjects during the lockdown. Pakistani Schools, Colleges, and Universities have been closed from March 13. Students are sitting at home to prevent the transmission of the Corona Virus and making funny exams memes.

COVID-19 becomes a big problem in Pakistan and Government announced to cancel the 2020 exams of Metric and Intermediate students. Online classes are not a successful strategy for Pakistani students due to the lack of computer systems and the internet. The virtual education system is not a successful strategy in Pakistan. After the news of “No Exams”, people are making hilarious exams memes. The majority of students are happy with this decision of the government

University Students are not happy with the government’s decision, because their exams related issues are solved by their Universities. University students’ are demanding to cancel their exams and a discount in their semester fee. The virtual education system is not suitable for all students like medical students who need to do practice with theoretical studies. People are making funny memes about University students. These memes will decrease your stress in the current critical situation.  

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