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The “Stepbrother Dearest” a book is about Greta and her stepbrother Elec the two main characters. Penelope Ward is the author of this book. This story begins when Greta is 17 and meets her stepbrother for the first time. He is horrible to her despite her best efforts and she doesn’t understand why. As weeks turn into months, Greta and Elec begin to develop a friendship and one night, that friendship becomes more. But the next morning, Elec is gone and Greta knows she will never be the same.

7 years later, death brings Elec back into her life but now, even though Greta’s love for Elec is stronger than ever, he is no longer available to her. How will she be able to face him in his time of need and not lose her heart for a second time? This part of the story brought everything full circle and filled in all of the missing pieces of the story like the reason Greta needed to step in and stop Elec’s ‘father’ from berating him by calling him a loser amongst other things.

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