Srha Asghar Gives Fitness Talk

Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar keeps her fans updated about how she achieved her goals and even motivates her fans to do the same.

In a recent fitness talk, she shared information regarding workout while losing weight.

Taking to her Instagram, she wrote, “(FITNESS TALK) ( If I stop doing workout or diet will I gain weight?) Someone recently asked me this question. I would like to answer that as I also used to Google the same question at the start of my diet.”

Srha Asghar

“Answer is yes! Anything that you do and leave it…it will have impact on you. If you are working out and you completely leave it there are chances you will gain weight quicker..BUT… If you maintain your diet there are chances you will gain less weight.”

Srha Asghar

She further added, “To balance fitness; Diet and Workout both have to be maintained.”

Srha Asghar has frequently googled many questions when she was going through her transformation phase. She said, “Tell me 5 questions you Google about fitness.. I’ll tell my five questions that I Googled years ago.
1) Quicker ways to lose weight
2) Exercise to lose thigh fat
3) Diet plan to lose weight faster
4) I tried every diet but I’m not losing weight
5) How to boost metabolism”

Srha Asghar
Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar appeared in a morning show and shared how she lost so much weight. She said she was 65 kg and her waist size was 36. Srha said that in the beginning of your journey to weight loss when you loss some weight you start eating. So she just took a pair of skinny jeans and made herself fit into it. And now her waist size is 28. She preferred to use coconut oil. She said that she liked herself when she was chubby and she likes her present self as well. She just lost weight because she wanted to be a part of Industry.

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