Sonya Hussyn is fed up with the ‘Ertuğrul’ debate

Ever since the dubbed version of the Turkish series Dirlis Ertugrul premiered on Pakistan’s national we tend to get many celebrities engaged in a pro or anti Ertugrul Ghazi debate.

And it seems like Pakistan’s popular actor Sonya Hussyn has become fed up with it.

The Saraab actress recently took to social media to share her distress for the Ertugrul Ghazi’s stars and series being dragged into controversy now and then.

Taking it to Instagram, in her story, Sonya shared, “Sick of this Ertuğrul debate.”

“Meherbani karkay jaan bakhsh dejiye, Turkish adakaron ki bhi, or apnay adakaron ki bhi. (Kindly leave them alone, both the Turkish actors and the Pakistani actors),” she went on to say.

 “learn to appreciate and not degrade,” she further added urging her fans to be kind, have grace, and speak love”.

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