Shia pilgrims gather in Iraq’s Karbala amid COVID-19 restrictions

Shia pilgrims have started to gather at Karbala in Iraq amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Usually, thousands of people would march toward the holy shrine of Imam Hussein in the city of Karbala in southern Iraq. However, things are completely different owing to the global pandemic this year.

But this year is different, as there are fewer people on the streets and near the shrine due to the coronavirus.

The travel restrictions have also led towards lesser people arriving in Iraq.

This year, the Husseini Mawakeb – free food and drink service spots – are also providing gloves, masks, and health instructions due to coronavirus pandemic.

As being reported, huge tents have been erected as usual to host pilgrims in Baghdad, Basra, and Karbala for the mourners.

On the ground, stickers of footprints or large crosses have been put to suggest how far people should stay from one another.

Visitors and locals in Iraq have begun the mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein on Friday by beating themselves with chains, walking towards the shine in the city, and holding funeral sessions in the mosques.

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