Shareek-e-Safar Complete Urdu Novel By Zuhra Mumtaz Download in pdf

Shareek e Safar is written by famous romantic novelist Zohra Mumtaz. Zohra Mumtaz is the well known Urdu writer and famous for her love, romance and social novels. The writer has been writing many Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction novels for many years. 

 Shareek-e-Safar is the novel as name shows about the marriages and life partners. What does a marriage need form us? A partner should be like what…………………? But some of the time it is just the talk of novels and stories. Shareek-e-Safar is a novel about life partner and of course it matters a lot because he is the one and person to whom we are going to spend our whole life. Shareek-e-Safar is the story of a girl Asifa who was madly in love with her husband but her mother-in-law was totally against her and she made her life hell. The worst side of Shareek-e-Safar is the man the husband Sharjeel who was although not against her wife but he totally supported her mother in respect as he thought that my mother never ever does anything wrong and she can’t.

Shareek-e-Safar is the story of every couple who is living in this society. As a partner the first thin which is above love is trust. We should trust each other. Care, love, help and friendship make the life like we are living in heaven but without these things a relationship is like a tight and old rope that one more jerk and it will break down into pieces. Shareek-e-Safar is story of girl who bears everything just for the sake of her relationship because she wanted to live with her love, every time when he fought with her she just neglect her and was ready to gave him a new chance.

Shareek-e-Safar is the story about the stamina of a girl who sacrificed everything for her marriage it is also a lesson that too much capacity of bear sometimes encourages the pride of hard and bad person the same case was with Asifa who bear all and remain silent so no one left her to accuse. Shareek-e-Safar is the story of woman who tolerate everything but when the time was of her respect she left all and go away. It is an awesome novel. 

Download latest novels from Zohra Mumtaz.Shareek e Safar by Zohra Mumtaz is a famous Urdu social & romantic novel.

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