Shahid Afridi is blessed to have his daughters

Shahid Afridi

Pakistan’s favorite cricketer Shahid Afridi recently welcomed his fifth daughter. Khan was joyous on the birth of his daughter and even announced a gift for his fans if they help him name her.

A proud father that he is, Lala recently took to his Instagram to share how he felt about being a girls dad

“Blessed to be surrounded by my angels Arwa and Asmara. Asmara was waiting for Arwa to wake up and give her that million dollar smile,” wrote Shahid Afridi narrating a day out of his life

“So much joy and love my daughters give me, they make my mornings and whole day worth it. May Allah bless them,” wrote Lala while praying for his daughters.

We live in a society where it is rare to come across a father who is proud of his daughters. Even if 1% of our society starts thinking like Lala does, this country will definitely become a better place to raise daughters and to live here with one or many without any repercussions

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