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Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa 1st Birthday Pics

Arwa 1st Birthday Pics

Shahid Afridi may be a famous cricketer and former caption of the Pakistan Cricket Team, he features a huge fan following. He’s not only the simplest cricketer, but he’s also a perfect father. He blessed 5 cute daughters and he loves them quite anything during this world. His fans are always excited to ascertain his adorable pictures together with his family.

Shahid Afridi’s youngest daughter’s name is Arwa. Arwa was born on 14 February 2020 . He celebrated his 1st birthday and shared stunning birthday celebration pics together with his fans. Birthday Pics of Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa’s Brithday celebration are just adorable.

Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa’s Brithday celebration

Shahid Afridi is understood for his charming personality. Arwa may be a cute daughter and she or he is looking pretty during a red color princess outfit together with his handsome father. The birthday celebration decoration with red flowers is looking amazing. Let’s have a glance at cute Birthday Pics of Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa.

Arwa birthday pics

Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa  birthday

Shahid Afridi got married on 21st October to his cousin. His Wife’s name is Nadia Afridi. They lived in Peshawar with 5 cute daughters and spending a perfect family life. Shahid Afridi daughter’s names are Aqsa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara and Arwa.

Arwa first birthday pics
Arwa birthday

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