Sana Javed Pens Down a Heartfelt Farewell For Sameera and Ruswai

Drama serial Ruswai just came to an end and quite literally a powerful end. The drama rose to new success on the back of its strong storyline and promising portrayal by the cast who convinced us to believe in what the script showed. Lead actress Sana Javed, who undoubtedly, did justice to the character Sameera took it to social media to pen down a heartfelt farewell note to what she dubbed as the most impactful character of her career so far

With the grand finale of #Ruswai, my journey with the most impactful character yet of my acting career (Sameera) came to an end,” wrote Sana.

She continued, “Justice was served and the evil culprits were punished, Sameera managed to emerge as victorious. May Sameera inspire you all to find the courage and strength to stand against injustice and evil.”

“With Mukhtaran Mai’s surprise entry in the last episode, life came full circle for Sameera and her quest for justice,” she wrote of the last scene that left viewers dumbfounded as gang rape survivor Mukhtaran made an appearance on the show.

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