Sana Fakhar Let Out Some Weight Loss Secrets

Sana Fakhar is a renowned Pakistani Tv and film actress. she is also a successful model in pakistan. In 1995, she started her career as a model and soon became popular in pakistan. She entered lollywood with a film in 1997. She also appeared in many dramas, reality shows and apart from lollywood she also did a small role in bollywood movie.

In her early age, Sana has put on a lot of weight. After she entered media industry she realised that she should maintain her body weight and keep herself fit. Sana did a lot of effort to achieve her goals. She did massive hardwork to shred her weight.

Sana Fakhar runs a youtube channel as Sana Fakhar Official. On her youtube channel she shares some ideal weight loss techniques.

Recently she shared a healthy breakfast smoothie recipe on her channel.

Sana shared a secret recipe of a smoothie which helps reduce 10kgs in one month. A nutritious and delicious smoothie helps in losing weight, says Sana. She mentioned it’s important to push others towards a lifestyle of fitness but it should not be limited to weight, instead to motivate people to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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