Sabaat Episode 22 Review

Sabaat the drama serial airing at HUM TV is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch with its unique story and strong characters. Major developments have taken place in this episode and it seems that our favorite couple Hassan and Anaya are going to face a very rough patch in their relationship as Atif successfully vilifies Anaya’s character in front of Hassan. Ameer Gilani and Mawra Hocane’s performances are impeccable in this episode.

It is shown that Hassan is quite depressed with his joblessness and on top of that Atif is continuously feeding his mind against Anaya and it is due to that Hassan starts being rude with Anaya, the scene where he is snubbing her for being rude with Atif is so strong, the way Hassan is taunting Anaya and when his mother comes how they both try to act normal is so brilliantly performed by Ameer Gilani and Mawra Hocane.

Dr. Haris is lying to Miraal that he has left his job and now he is badly missing his work. One of his patients calls him and blames him for her condition, well how come the patient gets the personal number of her consultant? Well, Dr. Haris has made up his mind that he will rejoin his clinic soon and for that he lies with Miraal that he has started a teaching job at a college. Unaware of reality, Miraal happily allows him to join the College for lectureship.

Anaya is not feeling well at the office, she is about to faint when her boss helps her out and he takes her to the hospital when she fails to connect with Hassan as he is not picking up the call. When his boss is taking her to the hospital in his car Atif catches this scene in his phone video. Anaya’s boss is such a respectful guy he so respectfully calls her beta and when he comes to know that Anaya is pregnant he congratulates her, gives her a cake, and drops her at her place.

Well, that vile Atif first shares this video with Miraal, she is on cloud nine. When Atif calls Hassan to meet him and shares this video with him, Ameer Gilani’s performance is superb. Atif is successful in staining Anaya’s character in Hassan’s eyes. Hassan’s mind is poisoned with doubt and we are fearing that he may become violent with Anaya. It is so heartbreaking to see our favorite couple breaking like that. Anaya on the other hand is waiting for Hassan with the cake and candles to share this great news with him.

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