Saba Qamar Voices Support for Areeka Haq and Asim Azhar

TikTok star Areeka Haq has gotten a mainstream break as she features in video of Asim Azhar’s upcoming song Humraah. The budding artist who is better known for her TikTok presence is having to deal with trolls who are out there to bring anyone and everyone down.

Seeing the trend and Areeka’s unfair trolling, superstar Saba Qamar took to social media to raise her voice in the TikToker’s support.“Sometimes I fail to understand why is there so much hate in our society? Why can’t we replace this ‘hate’,” wrote the Baaghi actress on Twitter.

The Manto actress also said that she’s going to be the biggest cheerleader for Areeka and all other youngsters who are trying to make their name in the industry. On Instagram, Saba said that she already knows the upcoming song will be a major hit.

“Asim Azhar I’m eagerly waiting for your upcoming music video!” noted Saba. “Also, I’m proud of this little beautiful girl Areeka Haq and all the other young talented people, trust me guys I’m your biggest cheerleader, no matter what! Keep growing and shining! Lots of love!” she concluded.

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