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Saba Qamar Launches Her YouTube Channel With 1st Episode ‘Isolation’

We all are under the spell of coronavirus, and while in isolation, we have been wondering about what our lives have become. Certainly no one has ever imagined this could happen.

People have been wondering around the walls, the entire house, the solitude is actually killing many of us. Everthing seemed crazy and we have nothing to do except to wait when this all will over.

Saba Qamar has always been coming up with fesh ideas and productivity. While launching her youTube Channel, saba Qamar has very clearly addressed the subject of isolation and how it feels, what kind of fears one can really feel while in isolation. There is no one out there but your own self and you have to accept that fact sooner or later.

Saba Qamar has shared the first glimpse of her personal YouTube channel with the first episode titled ‘Isolation’. For her fans, the script is penned down by Saba herslef and i must say that it was quite remarkable.

While starting from the daily life activities and how our lives have been she gradually turned towards the isolation that mnay of us are now going through.

She very beautifully shared her thoughts, her fears and anxiety to everybody who might have been suffering from all this.

The soliloquy presented by Saba speaks a lot. It will wrench your hearts or at least make you wonder about your life.

Each line, Saba has uttered was deep in meaning and left a lot of questions. Well, it has been a very excellent step taken by the leading lady in our entertainment industry.

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