Saba Qamar Launch her Owner youtube Channel Soon

A day after Feroze Khan hinted at dropping his YouTube channel, Saba Qamar also tweeted about something similar in works.

Taking to the microblogging site, the Cheekh actress wrote, ‘I’m bringing you guys something very exciting and worth the wait.”
The hashtag #YouTube along with the tweet made it easy for fans to decipher that Saba is soon launching her YouTube channel.

The popular TV and film actress confirmed the news to Dawn Images.

“I’m starting my YouTube channel after a lot of deliberation,” said Saba.

According to Saba, her YouTube channel is not just a subsequent effect of isolation but really a plan to express herself through a new medium and platform.

Through this digital medium, she plans to produce stuff that she has visioned solely.

” I am not really interested in only showcasing my life or work but plan to produce, write and create work that is solely my vision,” Saba told Images.

Sharing her excitement for the new venture, Saba added: “I’ve also always wanted to collaborate with new talents and young blood. This gives me a chance not only to nurture talent but learn new perspectives and skills. This gives me creative freedom and honestly a lot of excitement!”

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