Russia’s New Anti-Coronavirus Drug Eliminates COVID-19 in Just 5 Days

R-Pharm, a Russian pharmaceutical company, has received approval from the Russian healthcare authorities to treat COVID-19 patients with its new antiviral drug known as ‘Coronavir.’

In an official statement, R-Pharm claimed that COVID-19 patients with mild to medium symptoms recovered completely during the clinical trial of Coronavir. The antiviral drug also inhibited the infection from replicating in the patients’ bodies.

According to R-Pharm’s Medical Director, Mikhail Samsonov, the clinical trial has now confirmed that the antiviral drug completely eliminates the infection from the body in just days.

Coronavir is the first drug in both Russia and the world that not only tackles the complications caused by SARS-COVID-2 but prevents the growth of the virus as well.

Over the course of the clinical trial that started in May at Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, around 110 COVID-19 patients were administered R-Pharm’s antiviral drug.

55% of the COVID-19 outpatients started to show signs of improvement within 7 days after receiving the drug.

In comparison, it takes 14 days for COVID-19 patients receiving Standard Etiotropic therapy to show a 20% recovery in their condition.

Moreover, within 5 days, around 77% of the patients administered Coronavir tested negative for the disease.

Last month, the Russian government had approved another drug, Avifavir, for treating Coronavirus patients at home. COVID-19 patients have shown improvement in their symptoms when administered Avifavir in the early and middle stages of the infection.

Coronavirus cases in Russia have crossed 707,300 whereas the death toll now stands at 10,843.

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