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Romaisa Khan Responds to Viral Leaked Video

Pakistani TikToker Romaisa Khan has responded to the viral leaked video scandal that has taken the internet by storm with ‘inappropriate clips” being shared on social media and people alleging the girl to be non other than the Masters actress.

There are some people who believe that the girl in the‘Romaisa Khan Leaked Video‘ is Malika Cheema, a TikTok star who was already the center of a inappropriate leak a few months back.

However, this new video that is circulating on social media just seems like an attempt to malign the reputation of these TikTok stars as many people seem to be against the short video-sharing platform.

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Many of her fans are supporting the TikToker and don’t actually believe that the viral leaked video is real while Romaisa Khan herself has confirmed by replying to the comments that the girl in the video isn’t her or Malika Cheema.

These are some of the comments and replies from the TikTok star:

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