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Romaisa Khan provides proof over viral leaked video

Pakistani TikTok star Romaisa Khan has finally come forward regarding allegations of viral leaked video that started circulating a few days back on social media platforms.

Taking to Instagram, the TikTok star turned television actress said that the reason she was silent on the matter is because she was patiently waiting for proper evidence to prove her innocence.

Romaisa Khan said that the viral leaked video belonged to a Columbian actress named Yuri Vargas who just happens to hold some of the same facial features and body type as the TikTok star.

Furthermore, the Masters actress said that the 10-sec leaked video of Yuri Vargas was from 2018 and the real duration of the clip was much longer and clearly shows that the people in the video are entirely different.

TikTok star Romaisa Khan said that the viral leaked video was just someone’s attempt towards maligning her reputation but she had been silent because she did not want to speak up until she had proper proof to prove her innocence.

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