Redmi is Making its Own Version of iPhone Mini

Xiaomi has a reputation for following in Apple’s footsteps, especially in terms of design and naming.

This time is no different. As leaks regarding the iPhone 12 Mini started circulating on the internet, Redmi’s product director Wang Teng hinted that they are working on a mini Smartphone as well. The brand, at the time, was supposedly evaluating consumer demand for small display smartphones.

Now months after that, Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing has teased the Redmi Mini smartphone. Taking after the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini, the company will be launching a smartphone with a small display later this year or early next year. However, Weibing did mention that consumers will have to compromise on battery life. As far as other specifications are concerned, no details were revealed.

As of now, Sony is the only company offering compact smartphones. Most Chinese smartphone manufacturers try to incorporate huge cinematic displays even if, in some cases, it means compromising on the pixel density.

However, last year, Apple changed the trend, and now we might have a variety of small Android phone options soon. According to Weibing, Redmi will be the first brand to offer such an Android smartphone in years. More official details will be revealed soon.

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