Rakhi Sawant Told Fans About Her Second Marriage

A video has gone viral on social media in which Rakhi Sawant is saying that if we both live in the Indian show Bigg Boss house, then Bigg Boss should get us both married.

Rakhi Sawant

Earlier, another video went viral in which Rakhi can be heard saying that Adil’s sister will get married first and then mine.

It should be remembered that Rakhi Sawant announced her divorce from her husband Ritesh Singh on social media in February this year.
last month she told people about her relationship with a man named Adil Khan through social media.

Rakhi Sawant, while introducing Adil Khan Durrani, said that he is a businessman based in Dubai.
He does various types of business besides buying and selling cars.

The actress said that Adil Khan had proposed to her and also gifted a BMW car.

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