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Qasim Suri Biography – Age – Education – Family – Wife – Son

Qasim Suri Biography

Qasim Suri is a famous pakistani politician who belongs to PTI. He served as 19th Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018 during the tenure of Imran Khan. Qasim Khan Suri is the most famous and elegant personality. He has a huge fans. His fans wants to know about Qasim Suri Biography, age, education, family, wife and other interesting facts.

Qasim Suri Biography


He was born on 16 January, 1969 in Quetta. Now, he is 53 years old.


Qasim Suri has completed his bachelors degree in political science and master degree in international relations from the university of baluchistan.

Qasim Suri Faimly

Qasim Suri lives in Quetta with his family. His father is a business men. After the death of his father, he runs a family business and support his family.

Qasim Suri Wife

He is married but he has never share her pictures in social media network. They belong to the pashtun family.


Qasim Khan Suri is blessed with a daughter and two son’s. His daughter name is Zainab Khanum. The name of Qasim Suri son is Abu Bakar and Abu Zar.

Net Worth

Under $5 to $7 million.

Qasim Suri Cast

He belongs to Sur Tribe of the pashtun family. Qasim Suri cast is Khiljis.

Qasim Suri Bike’s

Qasim Khan Suri is loved with bike’s. His picture with his bike went viral on social media network.

Political Career

Join PTI1996
Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 2018
Resigned16 April 2022

Social Media Handles

Twitter: Qasimkhansuri Instagram: qasimkhansuri Facebook: QasimSuri

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