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Punjab University Decides Not to Increase Semester Fee, Announces Budget

The University of Punjab (PU) syndicate meeting under Vice-Chancellor, Professor Niaz Ahmed, has decided not to increase the semester fee for students despite financial pressure. In addition, the research fund has also been increased and Rs. 152 million has been allocated for student scholarships.

The decisions were taken in the syndicate meeting held earlier this week on Wednesday. The budget for the year 2020-21 will be presented before the Senate for approval. Here are the salient features of the recommended budget:

Overall Budget

The syndicate meeting has proposed an overall budget of Rs. 9.39 billion for the year 2020-21. The university expects a total grant of Rs. 2.5 billion from Higher Education Commission (HEC) which amounts to 27.6% of the total budget while PU would generate the rest of 72.4% from its own sources

In a press release on its official website, PU said that the university currently faces a deficit of Rs. 431 million which will be managed by cutting down the expenses and adopting austerity measures on campus. Rs. 149 million has also been allocated for development projects.

No Increase in Fee

With almost every educational institution increasing the fee, the University of Punjab has decided not to burden the parents with an increase in the students’ tuition fees for this year.

Students from all parts of Pakistan had been requesting the universities across the country to waive off their fees due to the worsening COVID-19 situation.

Special students and those getting admissions on sports quota will continue to receive free education as well as the boarding facility. Hafiz-e-Quran students are exempted from submitting tuition fees.


In the budget, Punjab University is providing Rs. 209 million hostel subsidy, Rs. 34 million transport subsidy and Rs. 38 million internet subsidy to the students. In addition, a subsidy on electricity bills in teaching departments is also being provided.

Research & Scholarships

In a bid to improve the university’s international rankings, the research funding has been increased from Rs. 165 million to Rs. 380 million. The university has allocated Rs. 32 million for participation in national and international conferences. The participants of the meeting also recommended the establishment of the Centre for Health and Safety and Institutional Research Centre to promote research culture on campus.

Punjab University will provide Rs. 152 million scholarships to the students. Moreover, HEC scholarships worth Rs. 97 million and Punjab Education Endowment Fund scholarships will also be provided to students as usual.

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