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Punjab Government Will Provide Free Lunch To Primary Students

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas announced a new statement regarding the latest initiative of free lunch for children. Murad Raas stated that the Punjab government is ready to distribute the one free meal (lunch) to the primary students. The government took this initiative to overcome the increasing malnutrition in the young generation.

Murad Raas stated that initially, we would distribute the meal in 100 schools. To make this process successful, the School Education Department made a partnership with Allah Waly Trust.  Allah Waly trust is a Food charity organization. The government also provides the surety that food will be safe and of good quality. Now, students will be able to eat safe and healthy food during school time. 

Citizens Feedback:

It is an excellent step for the Punjab Government, and many citizens appreciate it. By this, many students, especially from low-income families and children of working mothers, will be able to eat something healthy in the schools. 

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