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Public Reaction On The Last Episode Of Dil Ruba

Popular welt of the season drama serial Dil Ruba Starring Hania Aamir an the central character reached to its climax today.

The story revolved around Sanam played by Hania Aamir who was shown to be a beautiful and bubbly young girl; who used to flirt with boys just for fun. Junaid who was a shopkeeper (played by Shahroz Sabzwari),  Ayaz the photographer (played by Asad Siddiqui) and Sabi, Sanam’s cousin who was quite older than Sanam (played by Mohib Mirza) were the boys who were ready to lay their lives for Sanam.

Sanam on the other hand got married to her handsome cousin Razi (played by Nabeel Zubari), who when came across Sanam’s reality, had a car accident and died.

Sanam’s parent made her marry another rich and dashing man Khurram (played by Syed Jibran) who turned out to be a complete rogue.

Sanam decided not to be faithful to an unfaithful man and starts seeing another boy, took divorce from her husband, but the boy Farhaad (played by Raeed Muhammad Alam) also turns out to be a fraud.

Impotent Sanam when arrived her parents house her brother denied to keep her. Sanam started living in her pupho’s house reslizes her mistakes, seeks forgiveness from Allah and her cousin Sabi proposed her once again. The drama ended on a high note, through out the drama everyone called Sanam a characterless girl for having affairs with boys in the end Sanam while slamming one of her Ex Lover said that she is not the only one responsible for it, all men who were involved with her were equally responsible, one cannot clap with just one hand. The drama had a happy ending.

Ending of drama serial Sanam is getting mixed response on this ending some people thinks its a perfect ending whereas some think that Sanam don’t deserve a happy ending. Here we have garnered some public comments on the ending of drama serial Dil Ruba. Let’s have a look what people think about the drama:

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