Police Claim Alleged Abuse By A ‘Close Friend’ Drove Dr. Maha Take Her Own Life

The alleged suicide case of Dr. Maha Shah, who was pronounced dead on August 19 after a mysterious shooting incident at her home, is taking new turns every day. According to the latest media reports, the young doctor was in an abusive relationship. She allegedly took her life after being continually harassed by a close friend who is also believed to be her ex.

Meanwhile, police have also confirmed that Dr. Maha died by suicide. They said she was “suffering from depression”.

August 19, Dr. Maha was rushed to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition. However, she succumbed to her injury and died within a few hours. She was pronounced dead later.

Dr. Maha was working at a private hospital in Clifton Karachi. Her father had rented the house just two weeks ago. Not only was she a doctor but also a public figure – a renowned Instagram influencer with a huge following.

“Twenty-four-year-old Dr. Maha Ali was under severe depression when she returned from work that day (August 19) and ended her life,” said SSP South Sheraz Nazir on Saturday, according to The News.

Nazir said her sister and father were at home when the incident happened. The police official said the details and evidence collected so far concluded that she died by suicide.

Meanwhile, the police have also taken two people into custody who allegedly gave Dr. Maha the weapon which she used to end her life.

Police said Dr. Maha Ali was under ‘severe mental stress’ and spoke about suicide in the past. According to a police source, said the news report, she was driven to the act due to alleged harassment from a very close friend.

Dr. Maha Ali also attempted suicide in 2018

According to Daily Pakistan, police investigation revealed Dr. Maha had suicidal tendencies. Investigation revealed she had attempted suicide in 2018 as well.

Dr. Maha tried to jump off from the building of her old house but failed. Meanwhile, her suicidal tendencies are allegedly being attributed to her friend Junaid Khan. In a text message conversation, Dr. Maha admitted to having attempted suicide.

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