PIA Aircraft Crashes near model colony area in Karachi

A Pakistan International Airlines flight PK8303 has crashed near Model Colony in Karachi. PIA’s Airbus 320 took off from Lahore and it crashed at around 2:37 pm on Friday, moments before landing at Karachi Airport.

As per the initial reports, 99 passengers and 9 crew members were on-board the ill-fated aircraft. More causalities are expected on ground as aircraft crashed directly into 4 houses, and damaging few more.

According to sources, the plane took off from  Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and crashed in Model Colony, Karachi approximately 4 kilometers away from the airport.Black smoke can be seen rising from the site of the incident. Reportedly, four houses have also been damaged in the incident.

Meanwhile, Army, Rangers and Police units have arrived at the spot while emergency has been declared at Jinnah Hospital.

The aircraft was 17 years old and PIA acquired it in 2014.

CAA is saying the captain contacted the control tower before crashing and issued a mayday alert — one minute before the jet crashed. Captain was heard as telling about landing gear issues and was instructed for a turn around.

This is when pilot says that engine has failed and he will try to land with the same approach.

Emergency has been imposed in Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital. 15-20 residents have been brought to the hospital in wounded condition.

17 Causalities Confirmed

Jinnah Hospital has confirmed that there are 17 dead bodies brought to the hospital. More causalities, now on-wards, will be taken to civil hospital, the local government has said.

According to details, the rescue operation could last for another 6 to 8 hours.

Army, rangers, medics and other teams are on crash site conducting the rescue operations.

There are Few Survivors at the very least!

As mentioned below, sources from crash site are confirming that there are passengers from PK8303 who miraculously survived the crash.

One confirmed survivor is Masud Zafar, CEO and President BOP, and there are more, locals are claiming.Pictures of Masud Zafar are shared across whatsapp, that we are holding for privacy reasons.

PK8303 Crashed less Than 1 KM Away from Runway

It appears — from video evidences — that ill fated PIA aircraft crashed less than 1 KM away from the runway.

According to a video posted from an areal video of a following landing, the flames are seen just around the corner of Airport boundary.

Also evident from the ATC conversation, the aircraft glided left — as its both engines stopped operating.

Since the flying level was very low, captains couldn’t regain the control of the plane.Experts said that had there been some flying level, the captains could have easily glided the plane into the runway.

Zafad Masud, President of BOP, Survived the Crash

ARY is reporting that Zafar Masud, the chief guy at Bank of Punjab, has miraculously survived the crash is now at a hospital in ICU.

Zafar Masud was in senses and was able to make a call to her mother in Lahore from ICU, ARY reported.From this it appears there are more survivors in the crash.

Eight Individuals are Confirmed to be Dead

At least eight individuals are confirmed to be dead, officially. These bodies were taken to Jinnah Hospital from the site where they were confirmed as dead.

It is unclear how long the rescue operation will continue, but it can be safely said that it won’t be over anytime with-in next 12-16 hours.

PM Khan Concerned about the Crash

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the authorities to initiate an immediate inquiry into the matter.

He condoled the families and prayed for higher ranks of those got martyred in the incident.

Videos from Crash Site

Aircraft Developed Technical Failures

It is clear that plane developed technical issues, moment before landing in Karachi. Initial reports and the conversation between Captain and air traffic controller reveals that plane was unable to down the landing gear.

This is when ATC directed the captain for a turn around, but this was late as engine had failed by the time.

Captain issued a distress call immediately and said he can’t do a turn around and will try to land the plane with same approach.

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