Pakistani Tik-Toker Adil Rajput Wife Kills Husband To Increase Followers As Video Goes Viral

In the world of Tiktok, anything is possible. Where fingers become guns and blood is of the color of water, Tiktokers will do anything in order to gain followers.A very prominent and famous Tiktoker from Pakistan, Adil Rajput thought the absolute same.

Belonging from Rahim Yar Khan, Adil Rajput is very famous in the local scene. A man who films Tiktoks with his wife, the couple has a great following and is very active as well.However, this Tiktok addiction was taken a bit too far by the couple. Today, Adil Rajput’s wife uploaded a Tiktok where the woman was seen crying profusely, claiming her husband had died.

Controlling her pain and tears, she informs Adil’s followers that her husband has been killed in a road accident. Moreover, she stated that Adil had been getting death threats for a while, and he has been murdered on purpose.Once the Tiktok went viral, the news was even broken in his local mosque in Rahim Yar Khan. Soon after, people started coming to his house for condolences as well.

However, when Adil Rajput’s fan reached his house to pay their tributes… they found him alive and well. It was then revealed that the couple had come up with this ‘prank’ to increase their followers.

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