Pakistan to begin Phase 3 trial of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine in 10 days, Asad Umar

Federal minister for planning Asad Umar on Saturday announced that Pakistan will begin the phase 3 trial of a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine in10 days.

He shared the statement on social media, in a tweet he said, “Pakistan will be participating in phase 3 trials of a Chinese developed vaccine for coronavirus. The trials in Pakistan will inshallah start in about 10 days time”.

Last month, Pakistan’s drug regulator gave the go-ahead for the country’s first Phase 3 clinical trial for CanSino’s candidate, Ad5-nCoV, which will be led by the government-run National Institute of Health (NIH) along with pharmaceutical company AJM — the local representative of CanSino. 

“We are planning to launch the project on September 20, or at the latest within this month,” Hassan Abbas Zaheer, head of the trial for AJM, told Reuters.As reported last week, the falling COVID-19 infection numbers in Pakistan will not affect a Phase 3 clinical trial for a potential vaccine being developed by China’s CanSino Biologics. 

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