Pakistan Launch 5G Internet Network in 2022

Pakistan Launch 5G Internet Network in 2022

Pakistan will launch a 5G internet network in 2022 to form our telecom system quick and smart. Pakistan is getting to roll out the foremost advanced 5G internet in 2022-23 which can accelerate the download speed 10 times to at least one gigabit per second (Gbps) and widen economic activities within the country.

In 2019 and 2020 mobile service provider companies had administered a test of 5G services during a limited environment on a non commercial basis.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved a blessing in disguise because the digital economy widened multi fold during these testing times in Pakistan. The crisis has prompted regulators and stakeholders to enhance digital infrastructure.

The 5G tested speed was 10 times above the 4G Internet. Pakistan will Launch the 5G Internet Network in 2022 After the complete deployment, Pakistan will join emerging market countries, including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, India, and Sri Lanka . Experts say that Pakistan will make tremendous economic process after state of the art technology arrival in Pakistan.

IT Minister confirmed that steps are being taken to enhance the country’s technological infrastructure to support 5G technology in near future. He mentioned that currently, 4G technology users are around 1.4 million in Pakistan.

In addition, Haque said that within the upcoming election the electronic electoral system would be introduced to make sure transparency. He said that we also are getting to introduce an e-voting system for overseas Pakistanis, pertaining to “Digital Pakistan,” which may be a vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said that the committee of Pakistan (ECP) is liable for the transparent elections, the electronic voting option is additionally being considered by him.

Haque made a test video call through 5G to China and said it had been an exquisite experience. The voice was loud and clear, and therefore the video quality was also wonderful, the report said.

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