Oppo First Smart TV to Appear on October 19

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo is now getting entered into new industry-TV manufacturing. After getting enough fame in the smartphones industry, Oppo is planning to rock the smart TV industry with its advanced technology.

The company had mentioned its interest to create an ecosystem at INNODay conference in December 2019 and at that time, we got to see teaser which was suggesting the arrival of Oppo first smart TV with a teaser image.

The Oppo has now revealed that the official launch date is October 19. The company will launch the Smart TVs in a special event that is set to take place in Shanghai, China.

Earlier this month, OPPO TVs and their remote controls have also received China’s 3C and Bluetooth SIG certifications. The TVs will be manufactured by TPV Display Technology, which is the parent company of AOC, Envision, and Philips TV business.

The OPPO smart TV will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. Other than that, the TV will also be available in ten different model numbers. The model numbers of remote controls are RC-001D and BRC 004A, respectively.

Some sources suggest that the teaser actually says the TV will have a selfie camera for some reason.

Unfortunately, there are no details of upcoming OPPO TV specifications and hardware yet. T the moment, we know only one thing and that is the company will debut the smart TVs in October.

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