No Excuses: Can’t Meet People This Eid? Well, You Can Still Send Eidi With ‘Eidipaisa’

Understand this. Kids of your family have waited the whole year looking forward to eid only for one thing: eidi. They still love you, but not getting to meet you on one unusual eid doesn’t bother them as much as the thought of not getting eidi does.

Yes, we get it that we’re in the middle of a serious crisis and Covid-19 might not let us meet up and celebrate like we typically do on eid. But we don’t get why you should skip the long-awaited eidi too when you can send it like a breeze via eidipaisa.

Yes, eidipaisa, and it’s not a typo. And with the sound of it, you must have guessed it right that it is from your favorite and trusted mobile money service: easypaisa.

Being Pakistan’s first and foremost mobile banking solution, easypaisa has transformed the way we make cash transactions. Instead of going to banks and waiting in long queues, you can now send and receive money, and process other types of digital payments, right from your Mobile Phones thanks to easypaisa app.

Understanding the sensitivity of this ‘special’ eid, easypaisa has introduced an interesting new feature that you can use to send eidi to your loved ones.

Where you would previously find the ‘Tohfa’ feature on your easypaisa app, you will now see the ‘Eidi’ button. It’s not just any other money sending feature – in fact, customers can send eidi of any amount, to anyone, and anywhere, that too with personalized messages of eid greetings.

All you need to do is transfer money into your easypaisa app, and then you can easily send eidi from there. Money can also be transferred to the easypaisa app through an online bank account or by linking debit and credit cards to the easypaisa app.

The idea is that it’s still possible for you to spread the joy if you can’t meet in person and celebrate eid like you always have. Even if you can physically be a part of eid festivities this year, the general advice is to avoid it and prove true love for your family and friends by staying physically apart.

After all, technology has been bridging distances for long now and is more relevant in this corona-infested eid where physical gatherings and festivities are discouraged to control the virus spread.

By choosing to keep a physical distance and using digital solutions for meeting and sending digital cash gifts, you will be contributing greatly to the ongoing fight against Covid-19.

By using services like eidipaisa, you may still be able to keep the eid spirit alive and make this eid extra special for the whole family, especially kids. Remember that there will be many more eids for you to celebrate the way you want if you play your part in fending off the deadly virus this time.

A little caution will keep you and your loved ones safe for years of celebrations ahead.

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