Nimra Khan Nikkah Pics from Adorable Nikkah Ceremony

Nimra Khan is a gorgeous Pakistan actress and she has a huge fan following due to her amazing acting skills and good looks. Nimra Khan recently got nikkahfied in the nikkah ceremony arranged at home. Nimra Khan’s husband’s name is Raja Iftikhar. Nimra Khan shared beautiful pics of the Nikkah ceremony on social media.

Once Nimra Khan revealed in Samina Peerzada’s talk show that she’s in love with someone and will get marry soon. But Nimra Khan did not reveal the name of his future Husband. Nimra Khan’s husband does not belong to the showbiz industry. Nimra Khan said that she announces on proper time because she doesn’t want to be the part of gossips. Nimra Khan finally shared his husband and Nikkah pics with fans.

Many friends from showbiz including Minal khan, Komal Aziz and many other congratulated Nimra Khan on her nikkah. Nimra Khan is an amazing actress. She has appeared in many drama serials in the lead role and in a negative role in some drama serials. But she got equal love from fans for her each role. Nimra Khan is very hardworking and recently she reduced weight which is amazing. Fans just loved her transformation and it inspired many others.

Nimra Khan has passed through different phases in her life. Nimra’s leg was fractured in an accident and she was on complete bed rest for a year. It took her a very long time to recover and her heartbreaking story made everyone cry. Nimra Khan was in love with some at that time but the love of her life left her when she was struggling for life in hospital. That was a very heartbreaking moment in her life. But Nimra struggled and finally, she recovered. Nimra Khan’s fans are very happy for her because finally, she has got the love of her life.

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