Nimra Ali Viral Girl New Video

Nimra Ali is a simple teenage girl who belongs to Lahore. A few days back, a video clip of Nimra Ali went viral on social media. Nimra Ali was giving an interview to City 42 and her excitement level was very high. Nimra Ali’s video full of excitement and energy was just loved by Pakistani people. Now, Nimra Ali is back with a new interview and her latest video is also trending on social media.

Nimra Ali appeared in an interview on City 42. She was full of energy and excitement like she was in her last video. She talked about her last video interview. She also talked about the current government performance. Nimra Ali sang a song from the Drama serial “Ana” by Hania Amir. New Interview video of Nimra Ali also went viral on social media.

Nimra Ali also appeared in an interview with Yasir Shami. She did not give a chance to Yasir to speak instead she took his interview. Nimra Ali is again trending on social media for her energetic and full of energy behavior. People admired Nimra’s carefree and confident style.

Twitter is just full of praises for Nimra Ali. Some people declared her the best thing they came across in 2020. Due to Coronavirus 2020 was full of stress and crisis. But Nimra Ali’s video is a reminder if we are happy inside then we can be happy outside.

With fame, comes criticism. While a lot of people enjoy Nimra’s bubbly personality, some have started throwing shade at her. They think she is ‘overrated’ and ‘don’t want to see her anymore’. But guess what? she doesn’t care about it.

Nimra has noticed all the hate comments against her and has finally responded to them. She doesn’t need anyone’s acknowledgement and probably won’t ever dull her sparkle. You go girl!

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