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Nimra Ali now a days social media viral girl.Last week, a lively, confident and energetic girl Nimra Ali went viral on social media. Her enthusiasm was extraordinary and for a moment, everyone stopped complaining about 2020 and started hyping her up. Meet Nimra Ali, the social media sensation everyone is talking about.

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While 2020 kept throwing weird surprises at us every now and then, Nimra Ali’s lighthearted conversation with a reporter sent waves of happiness all over social media. She always wanted to be on television and when she was asked for an interview, she couldn’t keep the excitement to herself.When she got the chance to enjoy her star moment, she was over the moon and got everybody vibing with her energy. The video went viral and Nimra Ali came under the spotlight, just as she dreamed of.

The First Viral video of Nimra Ali:



She was born in lahore.His hometown and current city is lahore.She is 22 years old.


She studied business marketing while residing in Pakistan.She study in lahore university. 


Nimra Ali lives with family in lahore.She has two brothers and two sisters.


 Nimra Ali was giving an interview to City 42 and her excitement level was very high. Nimra Ali’s video full of excitement and energy was just loved by Pakistani people. Now, Nimra Ali is back with a new interview and her latest video is also trending on social media.

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