Mushk Episode 6 Review

This was another exciting episode of Mushk which revealed a great deal about the characters. Even though this drama has been on air for 6 weeks, there is still so much that we do not know. Imran Ashraf deserves due credit for penning down a script which is the perfect mix of mystery and drama. He has made sure that the viewers get some important information in every episode so that they do not get impatient or lose their interest. That was really intelligent of him, most of the writers stretch the mysteries so much that the viewers get agitated rather than getting excited!

Some of the characters are turning out to be more negative than I had anticipated. The story has the potential to be really dark but so far it is more entertaining than dark. While you absolutely hate Guddi for being so manipulative and selfish, this drama wouldn’t have been the same without her. Guddi continues to be an appealing character despite all her flaws. Urwa Hocane has been absolutely phenomenal in this role, I love her energy and understanding of the character she is playing. Adam once again took a backseat in this episode and he wasn’t shown crying over what had happened. His relationship with Mehak remains a mystery, we found out today that he belongs to an affluent family, has done law, and is working for Malik sahab. We don’t know yet whether there is a family connection or not. The story is unpredictable and convincing so far. Shayan’s fellow prisoner’s story was also revealed in this episode. Zulekha has a dirty secret of her own which makes this entire situation even more interesting especially considering the fact that Guddi wants to take revenge from her.

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