Mushaf Complete Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmed Download in pdf

Nimra Ahmed has a unique style of writing. Sometimes, she used the Islamic terms and teachings very well. She highlighted the problems and issues of our community very well. Nimra Ahmed described the reasons for displeasures and irritation of the people in his novels.

The book Mushaf Novel Complete is a social, romantic story. The Mushaff is an Arabic word which has the meanings of close to the Quran. The plot of the story rounds around a girl named Mehmal Ibraheem. She was a modern-looking and not believed in Islamic Hijab.

She has views about the Quran that it is a book that contains the stories of old times. Mehmal met with a girl who inspired by Mushaf. She stood at a bus stop along with Mushaf. In a short conversation, Mehmal took the book from her. She brought it to her home but sat it on the shelf without much reading.

After some time, Mehmal kidnapped and sold by his cousin. She ran from the custody of the kidnappers and took shelter in a Madrasa. In that place, she met an angel, and the life of Mehmal changed. Now she was a girl who recites the Mushaf regularly and acts accordingly. She saw the light of the Quran with the opened eyes everywhere.

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