Motorway Incident: One suspect surrenders to Punjab police, denies involvement

Waqar Ul Hassan, one of the two major suspects made public by the Punjab government for being involved in the Lahore motorway gang-rape case has surrendered himself at the Model Town police station on Sunday.

The 36-year-old accused surrendered after his CNIC card and picture were flashed across multiple television channels.However, he denies charges levied against him saying that he is being accused as an ‘escape-goat’.

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Waqar claimed that his brother-in-law, Abbas, was using his mobile phone.The police are further interrogating into the matter.According to the police,  the accused also has a criminal background and was released from jail two weeks ago.

Pictures of two suspects, Abid Malhi and Waqarul Hasan, were released to the public along with the CNIC  in the Motorway rape incident.The main suspect identified by the government of Punjab on Saturday, Abid Ali, is still at large and police teams are conducting raids at different locations to capture him.

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