Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

To reach the pages or posts of a website, to understand the content on them, to rank them and to keep them safe, search engines have set many rules, which are called SEO Ranking Factors.

SEO Ranking Factors

These factors are called O factors. Over time, search engines keep changing these factors. These search engine rankings or SEO factors are divided into the following two major categories: On page ranking factors, Off page ranking factors.

On page ranking factors

On page factors are based on content and page optimization. On-page factors are under the publisher’s control. You can easily control all technical and content issues related to the site. For example, what kind of content do you publish? Are you providing important HTML pointers that help search engines and users determine relevance? How does the architecture of your site help or deter search engines?

Off page ranking factors

Off page factors are related to the relationship between different websites. Off-page ranking factors are out-of-patch ranking factors that publishers cannot directly control. Search engines use all of these ranking factors because they know full well that relying on factors controlled by the publisher alone will not always yield the best results. For example, some publishers may try to make themselves more relevant to reality.

In order for search engines to rank millions, billions of pages of websites, it is not enough to just look at the “on page” factors or gestures. Finding the best pages for any particular search requires more signs and hints.

No SEO element, on page or off page factor, alone guarantees search engine ranking. High level HTML titles do not help in case of non standard content. Having multiple positive factors increases the chances of success, while the presence of negative factors can waste these opportunities.

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