Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-12 Review: Shahaan happily marries Shafaq

HUM TV’s Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’s story in this episode takes a drastic turn when Shahaan decides to marry Shafaq which is quite disturbing. Sonya Hussyn’s act in this episode seems a bit odd as a super happy wife who is excitedly performing all rituals of her husband’s second marriage.

The episode begins when Shafaq decides to back off and she has made her mind to move aboard. She meets Ulfaat before going and she very nicely apologizes to her for all her past mistakes and misconduct and then she asks her if she allows, she wants to meet Shahaan for the last time. Shafaq excuses Shahaan and returns his resignation letter telling him that the company needs him and further she tells him that she is not going to disturb him in the future as she is moving aboard soon.

Shahaan seems touched by Shafaq’s kind gestures and he is sad after getting to know that she is moving abroad. He has started developing feelings for her which is okay but the most disturbing part is that he expresses all his feelings in front of Shafaq, professing his love for her and stops her from flying to London. In the next scene, Shahaan happily marries Shafaq! Never for a second, he has realized that he is also the father of a son. It is so disturbing to see Shahaan marrying Shafaq in presence of Ulfaat and his son.

Ulfaat is the most happy person on Shahaan getting married to  Shafaq, it seems that she is happier than Shafaq and Shahaan as her dream of becoming rich is finally going to be materialized. Well, Ulfaat’s happiness looks so abnormal, her love of her life her, beloved husband is marrying someone how can a woman bear such thing with so much happiness? seems so unrealistic. Ulfaat happily performs all wedding rituals of Shahaan’s second marriage!

Shafaq fulfills Ulfaat’s dream at her wedding night by giving her a prize bond which is worth 10 Crores and she has promised to give her the remaining amount afterward. Ulfaat is on cloud nine, her desire of becoming wealthy is finally becoming a reality. Shafaq’s character seems positive here the way she is grateful to Ulfaat.

Is there going to be a jealousy factor overcoming Ulfaat in the future when she sees her husband being shared by Shafaq? Will this friendship and sisterhood between Shafaq and Ulfaat going to take an ugly turn?

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